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Warum sollten KMU ein Energieaudit durchführen?

Vorteile eines Energieaudits für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen.

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Die besten alternativen Heizsysteme für Ihr Zuhause

Entdecken Sie die besten alternativen Heizsysteme und welche Kosten diese haben.

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Energy costs

Energiekosten im Griff: Strategien und Technologien für KMUs zur Kostensenkung

Strategien und Technologien, die Unternehmen helfen können, ihre Energiekosten zu senken und damit ihre finanzielle Stabilität zu stärken.

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Further insights

Effiziens Haus

Effizienzhaus: Anforderungen und Förderungen im Überblick

Effizienzhaus: Anforderungen und Förderungen im Überblick

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Alternative heating systems - how good are they?

Discover the variety of alternative heating systems in a quick check! From solar thermal energy to heat pumps to biomass systems - find out which sustainable solutions are available to you

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The requirements and needs of efficiency houses at a glance.

Find out everything about the requirements and demands of an efficient house at a glance.

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Quality seal for sustainable buildings (QNG): You can find all information on the topic here

Find out everything about the quality mark for sustainable buildings (QNG) - Building for the future.

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In the short term, the funding rate will be reduced by the BEG reform.

Find out how the new support reform can reduce the claim percentage in the short term and thus have a positive effect on your company.

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There are now alternatives to gas and oil heating

Discover the future of heating technology! In this article we will introduce you to exciting alternatives to conventional gas and oil heating.

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All changes to the new KFW funding since March 2023

Discover all new changes and updates to KfW funding since March 2023.

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How can I increase the value of my property?

Do you own a property and want to increase its value? That's a smart decision! The value of your property can fluctuate greatly over time depending on various factors. Fortunately, there are certain strategies that can help you

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Make residential buildings climate-neutral and operate buildings without emissions

Climate neutrality is a topic that is becoming increasingly important these days. There is an urgent need for action, particularly in the area of ​​residential buildings, to enable buildings to operate without emissions. It is crucial that we v

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Heat pump? Do not rush!

A heat pump can be an efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. However, before you choose a heat pump, there are a few important factors to consider. Professional advice is

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10 tips for saving energy in the home

Find out how you can save energy and optimize your household at the same time! Discover our 10 effective tips for saving energy in the home and let yourself be inspired by clever ones

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BAFA requirement 2023: Overview of all energy modernization programs

Find out everything about BAFA funding 2023 and get a comprehensive overview of all energy modernization programs.

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Applications for funding for the KFW renovation can now be made online via IKOSIA.

Find out how you can now use Enter to receive support from KfW funding for renovation projects.

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Prices and costs of an energy consultant

Find out everything about the prices and fees for professional energy advice in our article “Energy Consultant Costs”.

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Blown-in insulation is simple and inexpensive.

Discover the advantages of simple and cost-effective blown-in insulation! Find out how you can effectively insulate your home and save energy at the same time.

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Energy-efficient construction in transition: Implementation of the Building Energy Act GEG

Find out everything about energy-efficient building in transition in this captivating article and receive a well-founded introduction to the Building Energy Act.

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How you can save money on window installation

Learn how you can get high-quality window installations at fair prices.

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Promote the insulation of roofs, facades and basements

Find out why the requirement for the insulation of buildings, roofs, facades and basements is so important and how you can benefit from it.

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BAFA and KFW support the purchase of new windows and the replacement of windows.

Find out everything about funding for new windows and window replacement with BAFA and KfW.

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New heating with up to 40% subsidy

Find out how you can reduce your heating costs by up to 40% with this ingenious method.

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What are the government requirements and subsidies for front doors?

Discover the world of government funding and grants for your doorstep.

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All programs to promote warmth and sun protection at a glance

Find out everything about funding for heat and sun protection in Germany! From government funding programs to financial incentives, this article provides a comprehensive overview of all funding options.

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Advantages and disadvantages of district heating

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of heating with district heating and find out whether this cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating method is worth it for you.

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An overview of the costs and financing of a home renovation project

Find out everything about the costs and financing of renovating a house at a glance.

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Pellets for heating

Discover the future of heating with pellets and find out how you can warm your home in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.

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Hydraulic balancing reduces energy consumption.

Learn how you can reduce your energy consumption by performing hydraulic balancing.

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With our 7 tips you can modernize your home and increase the value of your home.

Increase the value of your property with our 7 tips for modernizing your home.

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Individual renovation roadmap: costs, benefits & funding

Find out how you as an ISFP can benefit from an individual restructuring roadmap.

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Does it make sense to use cost models to promote photovoltaics?

Discover whether photovoltaics are worthwhile and how you can benefit from subsidies.

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Modernization loan to finance your renovation

Get financial support for your renovation with a modernization loan! Find out how you can make your dream home come true and benefit from the best offers on the market.

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The 10 most important tips for replacing a new heater

Find out the 10 most important tips for replacing your heating system and discover how you can not only increase your energy efficiency with a new heating system, but also protect your wallet.

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Basement area insulation

Discover the best perimeter insulation methods for basements and learn how to increase energy efficiency and effectively combat moisture problems.

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Thanks to a renovation loan, you can benefit from government support.

Find out how you can make optimal use of government funding with a renovation loan to finance your renovation projects.

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This is what owners and homeowners need to know in 2023

Find out everything owners and homeowners need to know about the obligation to renovate in 2023.

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The air protection concept according to DIN 1946 simply explained.

Find out how you can implement the ventilation concept according to DIN 1946 in a simple and understandable way.

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Maximize your benefits through tax relief for photovoltaic systems

Find out how you can maximize your benefits and get tax relief for your photovoltaic system.

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Calculate the cost of a heat pump and find ways to save money.

Find out how you can calculate the electricity consumption of your heat pump and save costs.

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Install a heat pump?

Discover the benefits of retrofitting a heat pump and save on energy costs. Learn how to heat and cool your home efficiently.

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Heat storage – the innovative storage solution for the future

Find out how thermal storage is the effective storage solution of the future and how it can contribute to a sustainable energy supply.

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Renovation calculators can now determine savings.

Find out how you can calculate your savings now with our renovation calculator.

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Avoid heat loss in the house

Find out how you can prevent heat loss from your home and reduce your energy costs.

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Reasons for the benefits of an energy renovation

Discover why an energy-efficient renovation is worthwhile and how you can make your home sustainable and energy-efficient.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of passive construction?

Find out everything about the fascinating world of passive house construction! In this article you will find out what characterizes a passive house, what costs are associated with it and what advantages and disadvantages it offers.

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ETICS for the external wall

Find out everything about the advantages and possibilities of ETICS for your facade! From energy-saving insulation to aesthetic design - discover how EIFS enhances and protects your home.

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Sustainable changes, one property at a time

Improving energy efficiency for greater sustainability: All-in-one platform for comprehensive renovation measures.

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