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Table of contents

1. General Terms and Conditions for the Referral Program (“T&Cs”)

2. Conditions of Participation

3. Referral program

4. Referral bonuses

5. Limitations

1. General Terms and Conditions for the Referral Program (“T&Cs”)

IKOSIA Energy Solutions (Germany) GmbH, Wadzeckstraße 10, 10178 Berlin or its respective subsidiaries, licensees or affiliated companies ("IKOSIA") enables participants to recommend IKOSIA's services to companies and to purchase and collect referral rewards (" Referral program").

These Terms and Conditions apply to all participants who wish to use IKOSIA’s referral program. By participating in the referral program, the participant agrees to use the referral program in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and agrees to them in a legally binding manner.

2. Conditions of Participation


A Referral Reward will only be awarded for the qualified referral of a Participant during the Referral Program Period.


Participant is a (i) natural person, (ii) who is resident in Germany and (iii) is at least eighteen (18) years old.


A qualified recommendation occurs if the participant sends the recommendation code received by email to (i) a private customer and (ii) the customer enters into a purchase contract with IKOSIA within six (6) months of sending the recommendation code of the referral code from the IKOSIA website.


The customer and the participant are not the same person.


A customer within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions is (i) a natural person, (ii) who is based in Germany and

3. Referral program


The participant requests an individual referral code using an online form in order to pass this on to customers. The online form contains four (4) fields that must be filled out to receive the referral code:


Once the participant has provided all the information required to order the recommendation code, the participant will receive the recommendation code by email.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address


IKOSIA maintains a list of referral codes requested by a participant, per participant, which is used to calculate whether the referred customer has concluded a cooperation agreement within the period for the qualified referral.


Customers who have received a qualified recommendation from a participant register on the IKOSIA website within 6 months of submitting the referral code via email in order to enter into a paid energy consultation with IKOSIA. To do this, the customer signs a contract on the IKOSIA website.


After the customer has concluded a purchase contract with IKOSIA by entering the referral code on the IKOSIA website, IKOSIA will contact the participant within 30 days of the conclusion of the contract so that the participant can register for the referral bonus of €100.

4. Referral bonuses


With the referral bonus of €100, the participant can receive a payment of €100 after a successful qualified referral, which can be used freely. The regulations of the referral program apply exclusively between the participant and IKOSIA. The referral bonus is paid out regardless of any tax or legal consequences for the participant. IKOSIA assumes no responsibility for the tax treatment or other legal effects of the referral bonus. Participants are responsible for complying with all tax obligations related to the Referral Reward, including reporting and paying taxes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


A referral reward can only be redeemed for new qualifying referrals and not for past referrals (prior to the conclusion of these Terms and Conditions).


If the Referral Bonus is canceled or not used, the Participant will not be entitled to a refund for the value of the Referral Bonus or a reinstatement of the Referral Bonus.


The activated referral bonus is only valid for a limited period of time.


The expiry date for non-activated referral rewards is specified separately for each referral reward. If no period is specified, referral bonuses that have not been activated are valid indefinitely. However, IKOSIA reserves the right to allow referral bonuses to expire at a specific date by announcing this in good time on the IKOSIA website.


IKOSIA reserves the right to change or invalidate the value of the referral bonus or the conditions for its use at any time. IKOSIA reserves the right to withdraw the offer and/or refuse to redeem a referral reward if the total value of the referral rewards already redeemed exceeds a certain value or a limited number.

5. Limitations


If a customer has previously received information from IKOSIA in a way other than through the participant through the recommendation program and the company concludes a purchase contract with IKOSIA, then a qualified recommendation is in any case excluded. The aforementioned regulation also applies if the company has received information from IKOSIA under a different name or under a pseudonym.


The referral program applies exclusively to companies based in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Any participant who does not fully agree to these Terms and Conditions will be excluded from the referral program.

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